Crafty Mama

My crafting often competes with reading for my free time, but lately, crafting has taken a big lead.

These days though, my craft ideas are mainly inspired by my children. I love being surrounded by photos of them, their artwork and things that remind me of how special they are.

Here is a recent project that I totally love.  I gave it to Ken for his bday and it is now hanging in the kitchen.

Family handprints made from scraps of fabric and framed

I get crafty ideas from lots of places, but my main resource these days is She has a fabulous site FULL of ideas to kick start your creativity.  And then of course there is; Oh my, you just have to see it for yourself!

I’ve been trying to get Griffin more involved in crafting lately, and it’s been going quite well. He has always loved painting and coloring, but now he’s into glue.  And scissors.  And it’s awesome! 

Thanks to Auntie Sharon for the Crayola paint pens; they are a big hit!

Poor Jace wishes he could join in, but he usually just watches intently from somewhere close by.  Every once in a while Griff reassures him that when he’s older, he will be able to do “big boy things.” This is often followed by a pat on the head and telling me “he’s like my pet Mommy.”  Poor Jace…

“He’s like my pet Mommy”

I had a lot more pics to post tonight, but my computer? internet? browser? blog site? is being very difficult.  So that’s it for now.  More tomorrow night hopefully 🙂