Ahhhh, the Beach

Why is it you don’t really enjoy something until you can’t have it anymore?  The other night I had to go to the beach to work on a little “project.”  It was the most beautiful night; perfect beach weather.  And I just kept thinking how many times we could have gone to the beach this summer, and we didn’t – grrrrrrrrr….

As I headed out of the driveway, an old song by Rage Against the Machine came on.  I cranked it, like really cranked it, and started to sing loudly.  And then I remembered that I was driving the mini van.  So I flipped the station and found a Bruno Mars song that was more fitting.  Much better 🙂

So the project, yes.  Well, I had to write some names in the sand and photograph them for our friends who were just about to have their first baby.  I am happy to report that baby….

…was born last night!  Yay!  Got the pics to them just in time, and yup, we knew the name before anyone else – hee hee!

Yup, it sure was a beautiful night at the beach.

Across from the beach, there was a lake.  And it was perfect too…

And then I had to stop for this…

It was almost a perfect night.  The only problem was that I was alone (sniff).  So I thought it would be a good idea to bring everyone back the next night to try to recreate the perfect-ness.  And we all know what happens when I try to do something like that 🙂

..to be continued