Is it Really Thanksgiving?

Because it feels like summer to me.  Yesterday it was 2 degrees and today it was 22.  Wha?  We were on our way to visit some friends in Brookside, so we thought we’d take the long way around and stop in at Peggys Cove (along with a thousand other people, it was packed!)

It was Griffin’s first time here.  I’m not sure why it took us so long, but he LOVED it.  Like seriously loved it.  That kid could have climbed rocks all day.  And the weather was perfect, no wind, no waves… perfect.

Looking at the camera is an impossible task


A rare photo of the elusive "Mommy-Photographer"

Has anyone seen the inukshuks / statues / rock tower formation things at Peggys Cove?  Where did these come from?  There are literally hundreds of them and they are SO cool.  Griffin could have stayed all day in order to visit each one, but Jace had other plans and he wanted to hit the road.  Griff and I ran down quick to snap a couple of photos, it was worth it.  They were amazing.

How awesome is this?


I totally want to go back tomorrow, but tomorrow is another adventure.  We’re off to the Valley to pick apples and pumpkins.  Griffin has all kinds of ideas for pumpkins he wants to carve this year.  Puking pumpkins, pumpkins eating other pumpkins, pumpkins with big teeth… he has big, big plans 🙂

His idea of heaven


I could stare at them all day too