Grrrrr….. Bad Day!

It’s one of those days.  I crafted a long post with lots of nice photos from the last sunny day we had.  And then poof!  It was gone.  I had some words with my laptop, with wordpress and discussed my disgust with Keji the cat who is sitting beside me (he doesn’t care).  Anyway…

And that was after I locked myself out of the house this morning with no car keys, in the pouring rain, with the 2 kiddies.  Argh.  A big thanks to Mom who came down with an extra key to let me in 🙂

No photos today.  I’m up to here in photo shoots these days.  October is the busiest month of the year for me and I’m feeling the pinch!

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new in our house:

  • Griffin can print his name all by himself
  • Jace can crawl and can go from crawling back to sitting
  • Keji caught a mouse in the basement and now I’m paranoid that we have mice
  • Ken is on Twitter (uh oh)
  • Griffin is about to be famous (more on that another time!)
  • Jace now has two teeth

That’s about it.  I have tons of pics of the kids I need to post… soon!


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