Good Day!

A good day always follows a bad day.  The other day I had an opportunity to submit some photos for the chance to be on the cover of a local magazine.  The photo had to be winter-y – yikes!  I had to dig deep because most of my photos are summer/fall; but I managed to find about six.  I submitted them and hoped for the best.

And well, they chose one of mine.  AND, the photo they chose was of my own sweet boy, taken last winter in our front yard!  It is so exciting!

Cover Model Griffin

The cover photo will link up to my advertisement inside:

Hopefully this will be good exposure for me – fingers crossed!


3 thoughts on “Good Day!

    • Thanks Gillian, it’s been a way to keep family and friends in the loop without resorting to posting tons of photos on FB (which I’m growing pretty tired of). I started one in the past but it has since died a slow and painful death! Your blog is inspiring, where do you find the time?! And how have you connected with so many other great blogs? I think it’s fantastic, and I know how much work you must put in.

      The magazine Griff will be on is Family & Co. It’s a free directory geared towards families in HRM. Available at Sobeys, libraries etc.. Published 4x year, it’s a great place to advertise if you have a product or service to sell (hint hint, you should sell your artwork and photographs!)

      When are we going to get together for that coffee anyway?! I think we would have a lot to talk about!!

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