Anyone Want a Cat or Two?

Seriously, it’s like we have four kids.  Logan’s had at least five time-outs in the last three days for waking up the baby (ON PURPOSE) and yesterday Keji jumped up on the kitchen table and barfed on Griffin’s drawing of a haunted house.  Ken saw the whole thing.  We both stood there, like, what do we do with that? 

When Griffin gets upset, like meltdown upset, he blames Logan for not letting him get a good night’s sleep.  The excuse is getting old, but the kid has a point.  This cat cries more than little Jacer.  And Keji throws up more than Stan on South Park; it’s ridiculous.  And don’t even get me started on Kej’s urinary tract issues resulting from living in a stressful environment (actual veterinary diagnosis).

But then Logan will walk up to Jace, lay down in front of him and let Jace pull his ears and whiskers.  He walks around him and wraps his tail around Jace’s arm.  Jace giggles and Logan purrs.  At night, after the kids are asleep, Keji comes out from wherever he has been hiding, gets up in my face and head butts me until I pick him up and rock him like a baby.  It’s like that line from Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd tells Harry he’s “gone and totally redeemed himself.”  Those cats seem to redeem themselves daily.  Thus, they stay.

Oh, and if you see Griffin, do NOT mention the barfing-on-the-haunted-house-picture thing.  He didn’t notice that it had to go away.


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