A little of this, a little of that…

First of all, a small amendment to the last “milestone” post about Jace… he can also clap his hands.  Bravo little Jacer, bravo.

Moving right along, December has begun and has brought with it my recurring love/hate relationship with Christmas.  Let’s break it down with a pros and cons list:


  • Real-tree smell mixed with fake-tree-smell candles… ahhhhh
  • Christmas lights and tacky decorations – love
  • A reason to shop
  • Food, drinks, food, food, drinks
  • Christmas Vacation movie
  • A baby who LOVES the Christmas tree
  • A VERY excited 4-year old


  • A VERY excited 4-year old
  • A baby and 2 cats I can’t get out of the tree
  • Only Christmas specials on TV
  • Food, drinks, food, food, drinks
  • A reason to shop ($$$$$$$)
  • Tacky lights and decorations, and people who don’t take them down until Easter
  • Sweeping up pine needles at least once a day, and still finding them at Easter

So you can see the conflict here.  In reality though, I love the holidays up until December 26th.  When it’s over, for me, it all has to go away.  Ken may be able to hold me off a bit this year, but I guarantee you will see our tree on the curb by December 27th!  For now, we enjoy moments like this:

"Mommy, I just HAVE to make the North Pole right now..."

I’m starting to notice a bit of my personality in Griffin.  The need to create, the ability to attempt to construct what he sees in his head, and a sense of pride in bringing his vision to life.  Traits I’m happy to pass along.

"Ta-DAAAAA!" The North Pole....in 3D

And a close up of the new centrepiece for our dining room table…

18 more sleeps!



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