The Art of Being Four

What’s better than being four?

Your responsibilities are minimal, you have no homework and you get to play all day.

Your parents are happy when you eat ANYTHING healthy off your plate and they cheer when all your pee actually ends up in the toilet.

Your toilet humour is still kinda funny.

Someone will put your socks and shoes on for you in the morning and pack your backpack for preschool for you.

Snacks and drinks magically appear whenever you want them.

If you get tired, someone will carry you.

You have control over the TV.

You can get away with A LOT as long as you say sorry in that cute little voice.

You know that saying “I love you” will get you almost anything.

Your laundry does itself and your room is self-cleaning. You don’t even have to wash your own hair.

Money magically appears in your piggy bank.

You can fight with your best friend and five minutes later, it’s like nothing ever happened.

Nobody thinks it’s weird when you say you want to be a pizza delivery guy, a garbage man or a french fry maker.

All you have to worry about is how high you can get that swing to go….

Here’s to being four 🙂


One thought on “The Art of Being Four

  1. Keep it going Lyns. I enjoy it more than you know…..especially at 12:30 on a Friday night when I can’t sleep and don’t feel like watching any more TV. Love my boys…and you too.

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