12 Sleeps!

Griffin now gets into the car and requests Christmas music.  Yes, my brainwashing regime is working!  I smile the whole way to preschool listening to him sing “thump-a-lee thump thump, look at Frosty go…”  It’s so awesome.  And then he breaks into “Jingle BUTT Rock,” and I gotta admit, it’s pretty funny 🙂  Jace stares at him the whole time, smiling.  I’m sure he’s taking mental notes.

There's a lot of information stored in that little head already

Little Brother idolizes Big Brother.  How could you not though?  Being four is awesome (see post below dedicated to the awesomeness of being four).  He watches every move he makes, and you just know he’s taking it all in.

Jacer hit another couple of milestones this week.  I caught him trying to eat cat food today, and caught him playing in the toilet.  Like up to his wrists, playing in the water, in the toilet.  So gross.  This kid is fast and he’s sneaky, and he is ALWAYS smiling – a lethal combination.

It’s now 12 sleeps until Christmas and we still have lots to do.  Baking buying goodies, finding the gifts I’ve hidden around the house, wrapping and delivering said gifts, and finishing up all of our craft projects just in time to pack them up and put them away 🙂

More to come this week, including our family photos.  Yup, photos of us, first time ever, courtesy of Gillian at Tangled Tree Photography.  So exciting!


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