Jet Boy

Griffin (a.k.a. Jammie Boy), has a pair of jammies that have jets on them and when he wears them, we must refer to him as “Jet Boy.”  So when I saw the idea to make a “jet pack” on Pinterest the other day, I knew I had to make it for him.  Two pop bottles glued together, spray painted, with tissue paper “flames” shooting out of the bottom – so awesome.

BUT, Griff found it before I was done and hijacked it.  Which was fine with me because I like to see him put his own spin on things; he’s got some great ideas.  He insisted that his jet pack have a computer, so he carefully crafted one.  And he helped me figure out how to attach it to his back (high tech all the way).  Here is the result:

Front view

And the side view…

As Jet Boy would say, it’s “fabulous!”


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