Christmas Magic

Our house is full of the “Christmas crazies” these days.  Ken and I get overwhelmed at kids who seem to be overwhelmed and sleep is a luxury that we haven’t been able to find this week.  Our house/car/yard/clothes/brains (I could go on…) are a mess and they won’t come clean.  And last night, we had a family dinner at McDonalds.

Family dinner at McDonalds.

Let that sink in for a minute….


Anyway, we’ve got a little bit of time to pull it all together before company starts arriving  (I’m considering bringing in outside help).

I’m getting to the point…

At the end of every day, I upload any photos I’ve taken that day.  There’s always lots of goofy pics of the kids and lots that end up in the recycle bin.  But then there are photos like this that change everything:

Photos like this are my reset button.  A voice in my head says “do the dishes later; right now you have to focus on what he’s focussed on.”  It’s his first Christmas.  Blink, and it’s gone.

What I love about special photos like these is that you will forget what happened before (2 broken ornaments) and after (faceplant). You are left with the photo, the good memory, forever. Unlike the “Christmas crazies,” which do eventually go away, (so I’m told) leaving behind awesome holiday memories – the magic.

Oh, and before you go hatin’ on those red pants, I will have you know that when Griffin got home, he proudly proclaimed “Wow Jacer, those pants are FABULOUS!!  I didn’t know you had Santa pants!”

So I don’t have to use the it-was-laundry-day excuse, whew 🙂


One thought on “Christmas Magic

  1. Lyndsay, what you wrote is our life this week. I’ll email you. And include photos that are so ironically close to what you wrote…. including the McDona;d’s (for us it was 2 nights ago). Ahhhhh, the days I hope we remember! xo

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