It’s More Fun When You’re Not Allowed…

Why is it that everyone else’s toys are better than your own?  Whenever Jace sees Griff’s bedroom door open, he beelines it in there to see how many things he can touch before Griff catches him.  G monitors this situation carefully when he’s home, but when he’s not home, well, sometimes Mama turns a blind eye and lets the kid have some fun.

We’re working on the sharing thing 🙂

So there’s only 9 more sleeps until Christmas day… are you ready?

Griffin is in charge of the countdown at our house

I think we’re ready.  I’ve found all the presents (although I have visions like that scene in Christmas Vacation where he finds the gift for his mother from, like, 1984 – ha ha!  That’s the BEST Christmas movie, isn’t it?), and now I get to wrap them.  I love wrapping, if I could do it as a career, I would.

Know what else I love about Christmas this year?  Santa butt diapers…

I’m keeping it short and sweet today.  Here’s a couple more pics of Mr. Smiley to finish things off:

That’s it for today, bye for now!


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