Five More Sleeps…

This was me yesterday:

We don't have an "Elf on the Shelf," we have a "Grinch on the Couch"

Yesterday, I was home with a sick boy (the big one) and a cranky boy (the little one).  The night before, Griffin was sick.  Sick as in projectile vomiting all over his room.  Vomit that has forced us to have to have to buy him a new pillow and possibly a new rug (I’m trying to get the stains out, but it doesn’t look good).

The power puking started around 2am and of course woke Jacer up.  It took us awhile to get everything cleaned up and everyone back to sleep.  There’s really nothing like doing pukey laundry bright and early in the morning.

So we all woke up bleary-eyed and cranky. BUT, for the first time in a long time, I had them all to myself.  So of course, I reached for the camera to capture some brotherly love (Disclaimer: these two are FAST, so please excuse the blurriness of these pics.  Photographing these two together is like trying to photograph the Yeti – almost impossible. I was snapping with one hand while trying to keep Jace from falling off the bed and trying to keep Griffin from launching himself into the wall showing me his “tricks” with the other hand):

Not even Griff can resist those cheeks 🙂

And then it starts to get crazy...

Check out the background

I felt much less Grinch-y after that 🙂

And one more.  I have to include this one because I think it’s the cutest thing when I see Griff looking after his little brother.

"Want some Shreddies?"

We sacrificed our “need-to-dos” for our “want-to-dos” yesterday.  We had fun and we laughed a lot – much needed.  Griff is feeling better today and Jace is not so cranky.  I think everyone needs a day like that sometimes.  Drop everything (and there are a LOT of things) and jump on the bed, then have a snack of pudding and Shreddies.

Now, I think I will call my next post “I wish my laundry was asexual so it could do itself.”


One thought on “Five More Sleeps…

  1. Those guys are A-Dor-Able! Awesome pics, I think they totally turned out. And I want to have that kind of laundry too…I laughed so hard….

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