Below Zero

We’ve had a pretty warm winter so far.  Yesterday reached about -5 and that was the coldest we’ve had.  So when Griffin said “let’s go play outside,” I wanted to say “no way!” but I said “yes” instead.  Because when your kids say “let’s play outside,” you should do it.

Shooting into the sun makes it seem warmer - brrrrrr!!


One of the things I admire most about all kids is their ability to look at things they see everyday (the yard) and transform it into something different everytime they see it.

Yesterday, our yard was the ocean, and Griffin was the Coast Guard.  His umbrella was a parachute, an ice breaker, and a weapon just in case bad guys were lurking.

Blue Eyes is happy to come along for the ride:

We played shadow games:

Take that bad guys!

…and tested Griff’s parachute:

Griffin may not have been freezing, but Jace and I were, so we had to wrap it up.  We had lots to do inside too.  We have a big weekend coming up, like a lot of people do.  So we spent the rest of the day tidying up and ordering pizza for supper – whew!

Four more sleeps until…

Bring on the food and the fun!


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