Christmas Vacation

Papa and Memere are here!

Today we kept busy shoveling the driveway after a great snowfall:

Some of us just watched from the inside…

We built a snowman:

And played zoo…

We watched Lego videos on YouTube:

And played Lego…

Griff's Happy Place

Then, we played more Lego, and thought about Lego, and then played Lego, and finished by watching more Lego videos.

We attempted to do a quiet Christmas craft:

But then someone found some emply wrapping paper tubes…

And the Christmas Crazies came out to play…

Poor Jacer...

There were lots of hugs:

And lots of laughs…

And that was just today!  Two more sleeps (although I always use the term sleep loosely!)  We’ve already eaten WAY too much food, none of it healthy, with no end in sight.  It’s like “Yay!” and “Ugh!” all mixed together.

But we’ve got family in the house, food on the table, beer on the deck and snow on the ground.  As Griffin would say, “bring it on baby!” – we’re ready 🙂


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