Christmas Day – Part 1

Santa came!  This was MY favorite part:

 Santa left a thank-you note, a new tree ornament and some extra special goodies in door #25 of our advent train.  But Griff didn’t care about that.  All he saw was what was under the tree 🙂

Griff was a present-opening machine.  Luckily for him, this year Jace needed an “assistant” to help him open his gifts, and Griff kindly stepped up to the plate.  I hope he realizes this likely won’t be the case next year.

It was kind of a blur:

But we made it through.  Here’s Jace trying to enjoy his new shopping cart…

"Would somebody put this together for me, please?"

And a sweet pic of Big Brother enjoying his new bean bag chair:

(The Bumblebee jammers are back… we do wash them, I swear!)

Then, Blue Eyes went for a spin on his new ride-on zebra:

Check out those chompers

After a big breakfast and a little quiet time checking out all of our shiny new things, we headed up to my parents’ for round two.  And I’m not quite sure how it happened, but the night evolved into this….  (Reminds me of some parties I’ve been to in the past)

It’s never boring around here…



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