Milestones – Part ?

When your kids are little, it seems like there is always something to celebrate.  Every day brings new accomplishments, milestones.  Whenever Griffin adds new words or phrases to his already colourful vocabulary, my heart skips a beat.  When I see Jace perform little baby problem-solving in his head, I want to like, throw a party.  Endless fascination for me.

This has been a big week, mostly because Jace has started daycare (sniff, but HOORAY! at the same time).  I’m getting ready to go back to work in a few weeks, so little Jacer is making the jump – part time for now, full time very soon.

I'm a big boy now!

And according to Griff, Jace’s first day was “fabulous!”  How lucky are they to be able to go together?!  Lucky for Mama too 🙂

Another first this week – the double bath:

…if ever there were a photo to sum up their personalities, there it is

They’re starting to play together a bit now, which I love to watch:

"I'll get it for you Jacer!"

How lucky am I?

Happy Friday!


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