Saturday Snow and Snowballs

Oh winter… you drive me crazy.  But you’re good for photos.

This was our backyard yesterday:

And then in true Nova Scotia fashion, by the next day it was a slushy mess.  The only good thing about that?  It turns the powder snow into snowball snow and lets my two biggest kids try out the new snowball makers that Santa brought them:

I thought they were working together as a team, but clearly, I was wrong…

"Take that, Daddy!"

*Note: these photos were all taken through the living room window.  Jacer and I stayed inside where it was safe

Poor Daddy could not escape the wrath of Griffin…

Jace was laughing his head off every time Ken got hit with a snowball – it was hilarious!  And he thought it was even funnier every time Ken through a snowball at us:

I gotta feeling that next year there will be three monkeys outside playing in the snow 🙂

It’s been a busy weekend already: a photo shoot at Rebel Space Indoor Playground and Cafe, drinks downtown with the office crew, a little Lego shopping and a little packing for Cuba (9 days!).  Thanks to Nana and Grampie for looking after the kiddies last night, I slept in until 8 this morning and it was magical.

January is shaping up to be a busy month; a trip to Cuba, getting ready to go back to work at the office and a couple of birthdays (including my own next weekend!)  But that is nothing compared to what’s coming up on January 29th….



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