Cuba! The Quick Version

Well, we are back, we are tanned and we are going through alcohol withdrawal.  The worst part is that since we returned, no one has been cooking for me, bringing me drinks or cleaning my house – boo!  But it’s all worth it because we got to see our sweet boys again.

I fell in love with Cuba.  Loved everything about it.  The history of the country, the architecture in Havana, the friendly people.  And I also had the privelege of photographing my beautiful cousin’s wedding at our resort in Varadero.  Life is good.

Here is a few pics of the fine looking couple (Havana and Varadero Beach).  Look for more coming up on my FB page and website.

Our resort was fabulous.  How could you not love this pool?

…or the purpley-gray sky of Varadero beach at 6am?


We ate too much and drank too much.  We played with Dolphins, ate on private islands, and snorkeled in the middle of nowhere.  We saw old friends and made new friends, and welcomed new members into our family.  Anyone who knows our family knows we are an extensive one, and not all related by blood, but we love each other and always continue to celebrate our uniqueness.  Cuba will be our Island away from our Island.  <Insert Lost comment here>

So we came home to a barfy kid, a pissy cat and a bunch of snow.  Real life.  And I’m a bit of a cranky Mama because this is my last week of maternity leave.  Yes, they’re making me go back to work on Monday.  What is this world coming to anyway when you’re expected to work to make money?  EI and I have been good friends for 11 months, but I guess it’s time for us to break up.

I’m still hoping to be posting just as often with pics of the kids even though I’m going back to work on Monday.  We’ve got some busy weekends coming up, including our annual family cook-off on Sunday.  Fabulous.  I wait all year to see my brother, the amateur chef, lose.  Will this year be different??  Place your bets…



One thought on “Cuba! The Quick Version

  1. Lyndsay, I love reading your posts. Very entertaining and why was the cat pissy? Cause you left him for so long? What does a pissy cat act like? Can you tell I am obsessed with cats? lol…

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