Forgive Me!

The stomach flu has swept through our house like the plague this week.  I think it’s a conspiracy to keep me out of the malls (back to work on Monday and I totally need new clothes.)

Poor little Jace has been power puking daily, but in true Jacer style, he is still in good spirits.  Ken on the other hand… not so much.  I have been lucky so far, and Griffin hasn’t even noticed that anyone is sick.  Like really.  Please refer to my post about 4 being the best age – he is completely acceptably oblivious!

So, back to work on Monday.  How do I feel about that?  I’m both happy and sad.  I’m really not the “stay-at-home-Mom” type, but knowing that this is likely my last maternity leave, I have mixed emotions.

I love being available for my boys.  Being home allows you to be there for appointments (any time of day – yay!), playdates with other kiddies, and coffee dates with other Mommies.  I could pack Jace up and go shopping whenever I wanted.  Seriously, Christmas shopping was a breeze this year, and I never had to worry about asking for time off; I made my own schedule.

BUT… these are the things that can drive you crazy too.  The Capricorn part of me thrives on schedules, deadlines and organization; none of which exist at home with a baby.  So what’s the comprimise?  For me, it’s an understanding boss who allows a great deal of flexibility.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So I will be going back to work at the office part time, and will now be available to work in the Lyndsay Doyle Photography office part time.  I’ll have actual hours, and hopefully soon, really soon, I’ll have a studio.  Oh baby, I’ve been waiting a long time and it’s almost ready for drywall.  Watch for updates on that one.

More photos of the kids to come soon.  And more Cuba pics too.  I’ve got a million things to do, but getting my boys back on their feet is #1.



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