Our Rock and Roll Band

I will never say no to music in our house.  We like to crank it, all different kinds.  We have dance parties, parades, marching bands and Griffin’s current favorite, rock and roll band.  Big brother has the moves:

And sometimes Daddy joins in on the drums:

(and no, Ken did not put that shirt on just for the photos!)

Because the Paper Jamz guitar is just so cool, Daddy has to have a turn too…

Let me set the mood for you a bit here.  The guitar is playing real chords on top of some bad demo song, the drums are playing real beats on top of some bad demo song.  And in the background, Griffin has Chris Brown turned up as loud as he will go.  Yeah x3, over and over and over…

Jace just sits on the floor and smiles.

Griffin has about 6 songs that he loves, that we listen to over and over.  And I love watching Jace’s face when one of these songs come on because he knows them all.  When he gets upset in the car, Griffin will say “put on Party Rockin!”  So I do, and Jace stops crying immediately.  It’s amazing.  Listen to your children.

When I became a mother, I vowed we would always have music in our home.  I will never say no to instruments (even drums!) and I will do my best to tolerate the music of their teenage years.  I will take my kids to concerts and I will sing and dance with them until they tell me I’m not cool anymore (that will never happen though!)

Music makes us happy.  How important is music in your house?




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