The Cook-Off

I’ve had quite a few people aske me what happened on January 29th since I mentioned it in a post awhile back.

Well, it was our family’s annual cook-off event where the men cook, and the women judge.  We look forward to it every year, and every year the competition get tougher and tougher.

This year was no exception.

But this year, there was another major upset, just like last year.

And that’s all I’m allowed to say about that since I’m worried that my brother may come over to my house and beat me up.  And since today is his birthday, it would be terribly mean of me to rub it in 🙂

(there is photo evidence, but I will not be posting…see first sentence of above paragraph)


3 thoughts on “The Cook-Off

  1. I have been patiently waiting for more word about the bake off,,has there been a Press Black Out ??? I am worried now,,what was the big upset? why is Greg so mad at his sweet, innocent sister????
    . I’d like to issue a formal complaint to the Committee representing the Nova Scotia Bake Off, on behalf of the Prince Edward Island Division, as devote followers of the NS Bake Off we deserve to be told the truth ! we will settle for pictures

    • Well Carol, Greg lost again. He actually came in 4th out of 5. Only Ken finished below him, and that’s because Ken made Kraft Dinner 🙂 Uncle Mal won, again! So this summer, we are planning an Iron Chef competition at the cottage. We’re going to do a trial run in July and if it goes well, we may do it again during Old Home Week, bigger and better!

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