Cell Phone Photos – Hot or Not?

Is a bad photo better than no photo?  I would have to say yes.  Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to, a) find your camera, b) make sure the battery is always charged, and c) ask the kids to wait until Mommy gets it all set up (lens cap off, adjust settings, yup, now focus, umm, where did the kids go?)  Sound familiar?

Enter, the cell phone.  Cell phones have come a LONG way in the past couple of years with respect to their built-in cameras.  Most new cell phones take pretty great photos, and there are countless apps available to make your photos look extra cool (I like the retro-cam app for Android, but that’s just me)

The best part about these cell phone cameras is that most of us now have them on us at all times.  So go ahead and take photos of your kids in the grocery store, in the mall, at the playground, or even in the car – places you wouldn’t normally think of bringing your “real” camera.  You’ll catch moments that you didn’t even think were worth catching…

Cuz you don’t want to miss a thing 🙂

I have about 1000 pics stored on my cell phone, with lots of room to spare.  Just make sure to upload them once in awhile and save them on your computer, because cell phones tend to disappear every once in awhile and you wouldn’t want to lose everything.

Remember that photos (good or bad) capture memories.  And that’s what’s most important.

(all above photos taken with Retro Cam app for Android. I like the old school look and size.)


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