Crafts for Boys – A Firetruck out of an Egg Carton

Here’s an easy one to make for, oh, zero dollars.

All you need is an egg carton, some popsicle sticks, some of those styrofoam trays from the grocery store that cookies fresh fruit and vegetables come on, tinfoil, juice bottle caps and a glue gun.

Cut open the egg carton and glue the two sides together (or tape them) so they stay flat and together.  Add some wheels cut out of the styrofoam trays.

We made a ladder out of the popsicle sticks:

(The blue stick on the end is the hose, of course)

Next, cover one of those styrofoam trays with tinfoil to make a windshield:

Attach your windshield to the front, add your ladder and voila!  A firetruck!

Oh, and don’t forget to pose with your final product…  Griffin really is the mastermind behind all of these projects; I’m just the servant with the glue gun.

Oh yeah, we attached a couple of juice caps to the top for lights.  I wish we had a couple white milk caps for the middle, but I always forget to save these…next time.

Our inspiration for this project?  Well, these poor guys had nothing to cruise around in.  As you can see, egg cartons were practically made for Lego Minifigures:

He loves those things, as you can clearly tell from his, uh, smile in the photo above.

See, boys love crafts too, they just have to be practical.  I’m going to go put it in his room next to his paper-towel-tube-rocket-ship, margarine-box-police-station, styrofoam-tray-toilet-paper-tube-oil-rig, and cardboard-cupcake-holder-with-a-straw-for-a-gun-army-tank (credit to Kelly for that one!)

What do you do to encourage creativity with your kids?



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