A Trip Down Crafty Memory Lane – Sewing

I have great memories of being a little girl and watching my Mom sew.  Mom was always working on a project (usually something for me) and I was a very patient girl who loved quiet activities.  I watched her and absorbed the creative vibes.  I listened when she taught me how to thread a needle, how to iron seams flat and how to poke out perfectly square corners.

One of the things I loved doing most was snooping through her sewing basket and playing with her sewing supplies.  I remember playing with the thimbles, sorting bobbins and spools of thread by color, and my absolute favorite, playing with her tin of buttons.  I would line them up by size, by color, or by which ones I liked the best.

I was SO excited when, about six months ago, I inherited that button tin.  Looking inside it brought back memories I had long forgotten.  I even recognized many of the buttons, some of which are more than thirty years old.

See that bunny button? That was my favorite one

My intention was to use these buttons for Griffin’s craft projects, but I can’t bring myself to use them.  I think it’s so amazing how certain things, even if they have no monetary value whatsoever, can mean so much.  To me, this little button tin represents a happy childhood with a family who encouraged creativity and who gave us lots of freedom to do the things we loved to do.  And it reminds me of the things I want to teach my own children: patience, imagination, creation.  We can do anything.

Do you have any items like this that mean so much?  Do you have your Mother’s sewing machine?  Your father’s carving tools?  Scraps of fabric that you’ve been saving for something special?  I’d love to hear about it!  Leave me a comment or send me an email 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Trip Down Crafty Memory Lane – Sewing

  1. Hey folks! I bumped into MaryT at Michaels while I was searching for the perfect shadow box to start on a special project I’ve been meaning to do. I showed her what I was up to and she mentioned I must have read your blog. A pure coinkydink! I have Nanny Gaudet’s and Nanny MacIntyre’s buttons that I plan on making a huge art piece of some sort out of. I’ve always eyed them up and was tickled pink to get them. So far they’ve been in a fish bowl on my fireplace mantle. I’m one step ahead now. The thought has been put into motion. Woot!
    p.s…I love the bunny button almost as much as I love reading your blog. ❤

  2. Ahhh, the button tin. My grandmother had a huge button jar when I was a child. I loved digging through that jar enjoying the many years worth of buttons inside. Thanks for reminding me about that! I am smiling right now thinking about it :). I am going to ask my grandmother about it, but I assume it is long gone, as my grandparents downsized to an apartment many years ago. Who knew that some day I would miss that giant jar of buttons. Like you, I doubt I would be able to use them either. They would be more like Mommy’s version of buried treasure, dug up from many years ago. 🙂

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