Winter Weekends (Are Almost Over, Actually…)

What better way to start the weekend than by crashing Mommy’s “sleep-in Saturday!” (FYI, sleeping in is 7am, if I’m lucky).  I can’t complain though, about waking up to these cute faces:

Our winter weekends have consisted of much time hanging out on the big bed in our room, with piles of pillows to jump and crawl on.  Our bed has become a fort, a trampoline, a wrestling ring and a zoo.  The boys love it, and so do we.

Jace is becoming much more animated and silly these days, traits he’s learned from his big brother perhaps?!

…But he always knows when to turn it off and give Mommy a good one 🙂

Griffin likes to use our bed to practice his mad gymnastics skills (a.k.a., just jumping as high as he can):

“Hey Daddy, I have an idea… let’s see how high you can throw me!”

Assume the position…

…and LAUNCH!

"Did you SEE that?!"

Who needs TV when you have this kind of energy?

We’ve got a busy week coming up.  I’m sensing that it’s the start of a very busy Summer, and I can’t wait.  I’m picturing weekend picnics, evening soccer games and long weekends on PEI beaches.  Ahhhhh….Does it get any better?!


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