“How do you do it all?!”

Someone asked me this the other day and I laughed out loud.  I was glad that I had given someone the illusion of having it all together, but I don’t.  Not even a little bit.  It would be shocking for me to leave the house without forgetting something, and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve driven off with a sippy cup/Tim Hortons cup/my wallet on the roof of the car.

Want to know what a typical day in our house is really like?  This will make you feel good about your day, trust me 🙂

Here goes (this was today)…

5:30am – “Wake up.”  I put that in quotes because I’m not actually awake.  That would be crazy.

5:30am – 6:30am – Get ready for work.  Shower, find clean clothes, make breakfasts/lunches/snacks for four humans and two felines.  Change diapers, dress wiggly kids.  Attempt to eat something…anything.  Clean up any kitty/kiddie barf.  Throw out food that Ken left out on the counter by accident the night before.  Gather up jackets, snowsuits, extra clothes, coffees, lovies.  Diffuse any meltdowns.  Curse Metro Transit strike.  Wander aimlessly around kitchen trying to remember what I was just about to do.  Give up.

6:45am – Throw everyone in the car.  Ken remembered to bring coffee – whew

7:00am – Drop Thing 1 off at my Mother’s.  It’s March Break, so they get to go to the movies and eat popcorn.  I’m jealous.

7:10am – Drop off Thing 2 at daycare.  We’re making good time today…

7:20am – Start driving downtown.  Curse other drivers.

8:00am – Park car 2km away from office so we don’t have to pay for parking.  Start walking.  Curse Metro Transit.  Realize I forgot my purse, cell phone, wallet and digi-pass to get into office.  THAT’S what I was wandering around the kitchen for.

8:30am – Get to work.  I won’t elaborate on the details of my day at work.  You can only imagine how riveting it is though.  Highlight of the day?  Bachelor recap with the girls and using the long hallway on the way to the bathroom as a catwalk.

4:00pm – Pretend we got to work early today.  Leave early.  Walk 2km back to car.

4:45pm – Stop at Rona to pick up supplies for basement renos.  Drop Ken off at Sobeys to pick up some groceries while I go pick up Thing 2

5:00pm – Pick up Thing 2

5:10pm – Pick up Ken and groceries

5:15pm – Pick up Thing 1.  Go home.

5:30pm – Put away groceries.  Try to figure out what to have for dinner, since what we were going to have got thrown out this morning after sitting out all night.  Feed kids whatever they want.  Contemplate having food delivered to our door every night.  Check on renovation progress in basement.  Discuss which organs we can sell to pay for it.

5:45pm – Try to make Griffin take his underwear off his head and stop singing “do you know the muffin man, who lives in hairy underwear” to his brother.  Jace thinks it’s hilarious, so I let it go.

6:00pm – 6:30pm – Try to play with big brother while dealing with little brother who is a Stage 5 Cling-On.  Divide and conquer.  Griffin has meltdown of the century over the use of a toilet box.  It is so EPIC, that he makes himself sick and throws up.

6:30pm – 7:00pm – We try to clean popcorn and Fruitopia barf out of Griff’s favorite blanket.  Unsuccessful.  More crying.

7:00pm – 7:30pm – Try to put Jace in PJ’s, which is like trying to dress a cat – nearly impossible.  Jace goes unwillingly to bed.  Griffin falls asleep in chair, exhausted from crying and barfing.

7:30pm – 8:00pm – Griff goes to bed.  We do dishes, pick up toys, fold laundry.  Stare at dirt on floor and contemplate farming out the housework.  Think about lunches and dinner the next day.  Do nothing about it.  Oh, that’s not true, we pour a couple of glasses of wine

8:00pm – 10:00pm – Blog, work on photo projects, website updates, email clients, email friends, pay bills, research classes.  Watch Ken watch hockey.  Drink wine.  Pray to the Baby Gods for at least 5 hours of sleep in a row.  Go to bed.

Overnight Predictions:  Soothe cranky baby, change bedsheets if there is an “accident.”  Watch clock and wait for 5:30am to roll around so we can do it all again.

Fabulous isn’t it?!  See?  Don’t be jealous of me 🙂

But the moral of the story is: Who cares?  The house is a mess, but we’re warm and dry.  We don’t eat gourmet meals, but nobody is hungry.  We have bills to pay, but we are rich.

We are rich because we have fun.  We argue and apologize, cry and laugh, play and work.  But we do it together.  We’re in it together.

I know someday, when my kids are grown and independent, I will miss drying those tears and folding those little clothes.  I want to remember how they cling to me when they are sad or sick, how kissing a boo boo can make it better, or how talking about stinky feet can incite giggle riots in the car.

So I remind myself, in my moments of weakness and mental disorganization “don’t wish this away, this is the good stuff.”  There will always be a house to clean, but it doesn’t have to be done right now.  Know what I mean?  Because now the littles are in bed and I get to relax and think about how they make my life so good.

Oh wait, Griffin just threw up again.  Life is good, life is good, life is good….. 🙂


5 thoughts on ““How do you do it all?!”

  1. Lyndsay. I love your candour! I remember so well those nights that seemed endless because someone needed me. That period lasted about 6 yrs , dropped off for about twenty then picked up for another 6 or so. I am finally able to sleep the night away but what I wouldn’t do for a few of those sleepless nights back. Love love love your blog. Keep it up :))

  2. Thanks, lindsay! I totally agree with u. Although mine are at the age where I can bribe them into cleaning and guilt them into helping me cook. Moral of my story? I knew that someday they would come in handy. . . .lol…

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