Things That Made Me Smile This Weekend

1. Pulling into the Sobeys gas station and noticing someone left their coupon hanging out of the machine.

2. Griffin starting a sentence with “here’s the deal..”

3.  Asking Jace what he wanted for breakfast, and him looking right at me and saying “cookie.”  (He says it clearer than he says “Mommy”)

4. Planting our vegetable seeds for the summer.

5. Going to a great craft show.

6. Seeing old friends.

7. An early Easter egg hunt.

8. Those faces!

It was a busy, busy weekend.  Gymnastics, soccer, visits with friends and family, craft shows, yard work – I’m exhausted.  Do you ever look forward to going to work on Monday so you can take a break from the weekend?  Happens to me every once in awhile 🙂

There are some good vibes happening around here.  I’m excited for a good friend of mine who is following her dream and starting her own business.  I’m proud of her, and hoping that I can learn a few things from her along the way.  Even though we’re four provinces apart, I am so happy that we may be able to collaborate on some projects in the future.  I love being surrounded by creative people!

Also, the studio is slowly coming together, and this excites me to no end.  I’m practicing my patience every day 🙂  I go downstairs every day to stand in the room and try to visualize how everything will look when it’s done.  I’ve got big plans!

How was your weekend?



3 thoughts on “Things That Made Me Smile This Weekend

  1. Ohhhhh… this blog post made me smile this weekend!! Oh, and a few other things. Only blowing my nose about 6 times a day (instead of about 30) and – not blowing anyone else’s nose ALL WEEKEND. Perhaps the colds have been chased away. Also, watching Tyler eat corn on the cob – from the cob – and loving every minute of it! Taking in a live performance of Richard Scarry’s Busytown with Nathan, although I may have been more entertained than him 🙂 Listening to the new words in baby vocabulary – Grrrrrr (when asked what a lion says – or a cat or a bird, for that matter), car, (ka), truck (kuk), strawberries (klebywrak), blueberries (also klebywrak), and banana (balala). Attending and snapping some photos at an amazing community event (flash mob and LMFAO ‘band member’ leading us in an impromptu dance party and subsequent outdoor konga line) as part of a national contest to win an amazing natural playground for the community. Driving half an hour to check out a tent trailer and then debating all weekend what we ‘need’ more – a tent trailer or a boat (so far I think I am winning). Stopping for ice cream along the way only to have a certain 4-year old decide he’d rather have a Star Wars kinder egg. Seeing a draft of my new business website, coming soon! There certainly aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done, but the important thing is to stop and reflect on what all we really do accomplish in a weekend, when we think we “didn’t get anything done” 🙂 Oh, and amazing friends that cheer you on when you wonder if you’re really going to be able to do all of this and still manage to raise your kids and keep a home. 🙂

  2. What made me smile this weekend?

    Listening to Avery giggle with her friend
    Watching Jude and his buddy pack their back pack for their “mission” in the park
    Steeped, peppermint tea when I got home from the rink
    Watching Avery at the self checkout running groceries through at the Superstore – she was playing “real store”
    Trying on a size 7 pants – and they fit!
    hmmm…oh and waking up to silence on Sunday morning because the kids were at Shawn’ maybe a little eh..admit it! lol..

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