What’s That Thing Over There? —>

See that little box over there with the picture of the lovely lady?  I’m registered as a “Top Mommy Blog.”  It’s nothing crazy, just a little competition among Mommy Bloggers to see whose blog is the most popular – ha ha, just kidding (well, kinda)

No really, it’s a ranking and rating system for the “Mommy Blog” section of the blogosphere.  All you have to do is click on it to register a vote for me.  No signing up for anything, I promise.  You don’t even need to leave your name, just click 🙂

So go ahead and give it a click for me.  You can do it once a day, or every time you come here.  Let’s see how high we can make it!

(Current status – #754 out of about 755 – seriously)

(You can click this one too, same thing)


I love comments...hook me up!!

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