A Stylin’ Blog!

I don’t often link up to other blogs, but I found this one the other day and I can’t stop reading it!  It’s all about taking suburban “Mom” style and kicking it up a notch – a realistic notch.  Check it out:

Everyday Mom Style

I love that she takes the types of clothes that a lot of us already have (jeans, sweaters, button-up shirts), and shows us how to make them look more polished and put-together.  She shows before and after photos, and gives lots of tips on accessorizing – yay!

This blog is just what I needed.  I have lots of great clothes, but run out of ideas on how to pull together a full outfit that is relevant to the season or occasion.  Just like how I have a kitchen full of groceries, but can’t pull a meal together (if anyone can offer tips on this, let me know!)

Anyway, thanks to Everyday Mom Style for brightening up my week!  Hopefully my readers will love you too!



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