Daily Question Period

Kids are here to teach us, not the other way around.  Anyone who knows Griffin knows he never. stops. talking.  Ken thinks he has potential to become a sports commentator because he does the “play-by-play” of everything he is doing.

“I’m going to my room…walking around the corner…down the hall…turning on my light…who put that cup on my table?…I think I’ll play Lego now…Fire Station Lego I think…that’s a great idea….where’s my Fire Station Lego?….Daddy…Daddy… DADDY!!…where’s my Fire Station Lego?…oh silly me, there it is….”

"I just can't stop talking!"

And on it goes…  We have resorted to strategically giving him drinks and snacks to keep his mouth occupied if we need to have a conversation with each other.  Maybe it’s just a stage (a five-year stage…), but knowing that we have another brother coming up through the ranks leads me to believe that the noise level in our house will remain high for quite some time.

What I do love about the incessant talking though, is the occasional incessant question period.  This is not unique to our Griff, I know LOTS of parents who answer amazing kiddie questions daily.  These questions keep us on our toes and teach us about the innocence and wonder of our children. 

I’d like to know the kind of questions that little girls ask though, because these are the types of questions we get:

“Is Germany in Canada?”  “Why isn’t Nova ‘Kosha’ in Halifax?”

“Is this bra for your boobies?”

“Why does Daddy have so much fur?”

Oh my…

When I ask him why he asks so many questions, he tells me it’s how people learn (not sure where he got that gem, but he’s right).  He is learning, and I am learning too.  He’s learning geography and anatomy, and I am learning patience and patience.  It makes it all worthwhile when I’m tucking him into bed at night and he says:

“Mommy, how big is the Dartmouth bridge?”

“I don’t know, pretty big I guess”

“Well, I love you that much – as big as the Dartmouth bridge”

Doesn’t get better than that 🙂



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