A Top 10 List

The top 10 things I miss about my life B.C (before children)

*Disclaimer – I love my children and have never thought about giving them away in order to enjoy these things again.  This post is intended to be humourous, of course 🙂

1.  Peeing and showering with the bathroom door closed.  As soon as I shut it, someone appears.  How do they know?

2.  Listening to offensive music in the car and watching offensive music videos in the house.  I can still do this a bit with Jace…my days are numbered though.  When Griff’s around, we’re rocking out to Fisher Price.

3.  Sitting down to eat an entire meal at the kitchen table.  Bonus points if Ken and I were able to eat together.  Extra bonus points if I cooked that meal from scratch.

4.  Wearing shirts that didn’t have stains on the shoulders.

5.  Having this conversation with Ken: “What do you want to do tonight…go to a movie? Out for dinner?”  “Oh, I can’t decide, let’s just do both!”  (That one’s just funny)

6.  Walking into a store and looking at women’s clothes, and only women’s clothes.

7.  Not taking a GIANT bag with me every time I leave the house.  I just don’t feel complete unless I’m carrying at least 50lbs of baby and stuff when I leave the house every morning.

8.  The size of our grocery bill.  How can little mouths eat SO MUCH?!!  Let’s include the size of our bank account while we’re at it here…(no, it’s not going up)

9.  The noise level.  Only dogs can hear us now

10.  The smell.  Our house used to smell good.  Now it smells like barf, feet, and dirty diapers all the time.

You’ll notice that I didn’t include sleep on this list.  I think it’s pretty much understood that all parents with young children spend the first five years in a zombie-like state.  I’ve started giving bottles of Visine as baby shower gifts because the red-eyed vampire look is so four years ago.

Other things I miss that didn’t quite make the list: clean laundry, my own identity, shaving my legs regularly, and not having to take a head count every time we get in the car.  Good thing they’re cute 🙂

What do you miss the most about your life B.C?



2 thoughts on “A Top 10 List

  1. I relate to all of these things, Lyns, although many are becoming a distant memory and that makes me sad. . seriously! Because at some point all of these things WERE my identity and it’s really scarey when you have to start reinventing a new one. .Sans toddlers. Like Trace Atkins said, “You’re Gonna Miss This”, great song. . . beautiful man :o)

    The thing I still miss and probably always will because Rob seems to be more kid about this than the kids. . . . having a phone conversation without someone staring at me or trying to get my attention. Once, when the kids were all very small I actually had to lock myself in my room and then go into my closet to finish a phone-call !! That used to be my normal and now it’s trying to chat with a friend about grown up things without one of the kids reading over my shoulder. . . times change. Enjoy the smallness. . . so precious.

  2. I, as well, love our boys dearly – I would not trade a single minute of ‘this’ life for the former… having said that, some days I would like to be able to wear a pair of socks onger than half a day because they’ve accumulated a layer of crap that they picked up from the floor. I would like to talk to my husband about ‘normal’ things, not things that have becoe routine such as “has this sink been cleaned since it had the puke in it?” or “Next time you come upstairs can you bring the laundry, more KD from the storage room, a roll of paper towel and some clean underwear from the dryer?” Oh, how about this one? Kissing and hugging my husband without thinking that we ‘should’ kiss and hug more often so the kids know it’s what moms and dads should do”???? Brushing my teeth ALONE – not it while sitting on the toilet, balancing a one year old on my lap and trying to keep him from unrolling the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper ot tipping over the bathroom scale, and trying not to panic at the crash that just came from the 4-year old’s room… 🙂

    Oh, and the biggie that not many people seem to talk about, but whenever I start wondering if I am depressed, or weird, or a worry-wort I seem to find a mom that says it happens to her too… I would like to be able to scan news headlines and leave it at that. Know what I mean? Not see a headline, start to read it, and then either can’t finish or – worse yet – finish reading the article and then spend the next 4 nights wondering how those parents get thru it and go on with life, followed by wondering what would happen if it were OUR kid. I think this is what has changed my life the most – all of a sudden, as our boys are getting older, the worls seems like a pretty scary place some days. I miss the innocence, when it was just my husband and I – both adults – that would be better-equipped to handle a bad situation.

    And yeah, I miss getting more than 2 hours of sleep in a row.

    But, I love them so much it hurts most days. These are good times! And now I have to go and clean up my entire filing system that the baby just emptied while I sat and wrote this, but then we get to dance and eat breakfast together while looking out the window for robins 🙂

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