What’s wrong with me? And what’s up with those Apple Jacks?

So, I just noticed that my last post ended with a “Happy Friday!” sign-off…and it wasn’t even Friday.  The best part though, is that I actually wrote it on Wednesday.  Pretty bad huh?!  If I ever do that again, just yell at me…I can take it.  Today, I know that it is actually Friday because the office is full of that “What work? Wanna go for lunch?” sort of attitude that I love so much.  Friday is the best, isn’t it?

Last night I attended a pre-primary parent orientation at Griffin’s “big” school.  Yikes.  In four months, my big boy will be getting on a school bus and heading to the craziness they call school.  Real school.  Where I have to pack a lunch EVERY DAY!  And make sure he gets on the bus EVERY DAY!  And make sure he remembered gym clothes, permission slips, peanut-free snacks, indoor shoes, library books…EVERY DAY!!  Please, if anyone has advice for parents on how to deal with all this, send it my way.  There is no doubt in my mind that Griffin will be fine, it’s me I’m worried about.

See, I’ve always been a take-things-as-they-come, things-will-work-themselves-out kind of girl, and this attitude doesn’t always translate well in the world of parenting.  Our calendar is already full with appointments, sports, photo shoots and vacation plans.  How will I ever be able to handle the level of organization needed when school starts?  What will I do when both of my children are in school?  I think I need a drink. 

I’m pretty terrified of being that Mom who forgets about Show and Tell or sends my kid off without the permission slip he needs to go on that field trip.  I guess I just don’t want to disappoint him.  I want him to know he can rely on me to make sure things run smoothly behind the scenes and that Mommy’s got everything under control.  But with two jobs and two kids, along with everyday life, is this even possible?  Even with two parents, how does everything get done?  Is it time to start saying “no” more often?  (That last question was a bit rhetorical…don’t answer that one because I already know the answer)

Another part of my problem is that I like saying “yes.”  I like doing things, I like seeing things, I like being present.  It’s not that I’m burnt out…it’s actually the contrary.  I like being busy, I like working; this makes me happy.  I want to volunteer at the school library and go on trips to the museum – but how?  How do I prioritize all the things I want to do, and then actually DO them?

Parenting really is the hardest job, isn’t it?  Comments are MORE than welcome 🙂

And now, I leave you with a completely unrelated, irrelevant, “I didn’t do it!” photo of Jace:

“Wasn’t me!”

So, that is Apple Jacks cereal he’s spilled.  I heard a rumour that this cereal is not actually available in Canada – is this true???  Jace picked out all the green ones and ate them…wouldn’t touch the orange ones.  Do the orange ones taste bad or something?  Is there anything else those lucky Americans have that we don’t?  I think we’re the only ones who have ketchup-flavoured chips…am I right?

Sorry I’m so full of questions today – one of those days I guess.  But now I know I’m right in saying HAPPY FRIDAY!  Have a great weekend 🙂


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2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with me? And what’s up with those Apple Jacks?

  1. Applejacks are touch and go in Canada. Jace’s second cousin Emily is on the lookout for them all the time. Xxoo from Saskatchewan

  2. OK, so I might as well admit it – last month I was “That” mom that brilliantly forgot it was Nathan’s turn at Show & Tell in nursery school. It’s only his turn once a month, so it’s a BIG DEAL. Quick thinking… pocket search… purse search… I came up empty handed and sweating. THe teacher came over with the box to drop the items into for circle time later and I had to give her a pathetic smile and stall for time. No hot wheels stashed under the wallet, no cool stickers from the last dentist visit, no weird snacks that we could stretch our imaginations and consider worthy of Show and Tell. Aha!!!! The hoody he was wearing – bright blue with a Yellowknife logo on it! We turned it into a “tell everyone that you used to live in Yellowknife, and you have the hoody to prove it!” mission…. and it worked! 🙂 Now, wish me luck when we hit kindergarten this fall and have those other million things to remember every week!!

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