We Love Birthdays!

This time it was one of our bestest buddies, Allister!  Allister just turned four, and his Mommy throws the BEST parties!  We were so excited to go to his “Hot Wheels” themed party on the weekend.  The boys were on fire!

We met some new friends…

And of course, we had lots of fun!

Dinkie race track ramps = hours of entertainment!

And check out this super awesome cake that Jackie made. The kids loved it (as you can probably tell by Griff stuffing his face in the background!!) The grownups loved it too – yummy yummy!

Happy Birthday Allister!  Four is an awesome age…you’re gonna love it!

Hope you had a great day!  xoxo

Tomorrow I will be posting a lengthy column from best-selling author, and founding director of the I CARE Foundation, Peter Thomas Senese on the subject of International Parental Child Abduction.  Peter contacted me recently and asked if I would be interested in receiving a copy of his new book, Chasing the Cyclone.  The book, which I am currently reading, is a fictionalized version of his own experience with Parental Child Abduction. 

I was shocked when I read more about this subject, of which I knew very little about.  It happens way more often than it should, and is something that we should all educate ourselves on.

I hope you will join me tomorrow to read more about this topic.  If you are a parent (even if you are not), it is simply a must-read.

Click it!  You know you want to….



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