Weekend Wrap-Up

So who had a great weekend?!  I know I did!  And I know you’re probably tired of hearing about Mother’s Day, so I’ll make it quick 🙂

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of heading up to Annapolis Royal for a photo shoot with the cutest couple, who happen to be expecting their first baby – a boy – very soon!  I love maternity sessions; they’re just so exciting!  I’ll post some photos on my Facebook page soon 🙂

And then it was Mother’s Day.

I think Mother’s Day gets better each year.  It was so exciting to have Griffin run into my room on Sunday morning to wake me up with big hugs.  I’m even really close to forgiving him for doing it at 5am…

He just couldn’t wait to give me the present he made.  And I’ve got to admit, I was beyond impressed:

Big brother made me some bubble/paint art, framed and signed of course.  Look how proud he is!  A big thanks to Nana for being the project manager on this one.  I had no idea this was hiding in his closet 🙂

I went out for brunch later on that morning and came home to another surprise.  This one was spearheaded by Ken, so I’m really not kidding when I say I was actually surprised.

With a little help from Martha Stewart, Ken and Griff made this:

It’s a “cherry blossom” tree made from sticks and pink tissue paper.  We can’t have real plants or flowers in the house because our cats eat them (and subsequently barf them up), so when I saw this, I think my heart stopped for a second 🙂

And I’m Not Stopping There!

My two biggest boys made cookies.  By themselves.  From scratch.  While I was gone.

These get the Jacer stamp of approval

There’s a first time for everything!

And to top it all off, there was a bracelet.  That Ken bought, like, a MONTH ago!  Scary huh?  Like, who is this person??

(…And then I looked out the window and saw a pig flying over the backyard)

Needless to say, it was a great weekend.  Even though the kids woke up a gazillion times through the nights and our house is a complete disaster (seriously, I think it’s a competition now…how high can we pile the laundry?!) my heart is happy.  I love my boys and I love living in this Testoster-Zone 🙂

And to wrap up the Mother’s Day festivities, I want to leave you with this writing I love from Scary Mommy

It’s all true huh?!


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