Craft Time! Clothes Pins – 3 Ways

Remember how I had all those clothes pins leftover from my sock project?

Well, I found three crafts to use those things up; two kiddie crafts and one grown up craft.

The first is a super cute caterpillar craft that Griff and I did.  It was really easy, really fast, and we used supplies that we already had: clothes pins, puff balls, googly eyes and glue.  They took about 20 minutes to make, which is about Griffin’s attention span for crafts these days – perfect.

Step One: Glue on puff balls

Step two: Add as many puff balls as you can to each clothes pin

Step three: Add googly eyes

Step four: Add funky antennae, and you’re done

And what did we do with those cute little caterpillars?  Well, they ended up all over the place, clipped onto anything that would hold them.  If you had good quality clothes pins, you could put magnets on them and use them on your fridge to hold your kids’ artwork.  But since ours were the lowest quality in existence, they barely hold themselves together.  Lesson learned; next time splurge on the $2 bag of clothes pins.

The second craft took about two days to complete.  We found these cool airplanes with a Google search* and Griff loved them.  They were super easy, but we had to wait for the glue to dry to finish them.  We did the super fast, lazy version, but he loved them anyway.  Don’t ask me where they are now…

Add colored popsicle sticks to painted clothes pins – that’s it!

And last but not least, my favorite – a photo frame craft.  I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with this idea, but I swear I didn’t swipe it from the net.

As my husband will tell you, I am a bit of a, um, collector.  Yes, that’s a nice way to phrase it.  I like to collect old awesome items that I keep for “just the right time,” a craft, a decorating project, an accessory for an outfit.  (Because you don’t want to be like everyone else, right?!)

Anyway, one thing I love to collect is old frames (shocking, I know).  This is one I acquired recently and I love it so much.  I never had any plans to refinish it, I wanted to use it as is.  So, with the leftover items from my sock project (twine and clothes pins),  I made a cool display frame to hold small photos:

Step one: Start pinning twine…back and forth…back and forth

Step two: There is no step two, you are already done!

All I added was thumb tacks.  I particularly liked this project because you can constantly change it, update it, and it will always look “new” and exciting 🙂

Cool huh?

Total cost of these projects – $0 (yay!!)

Stay tuned for my next AWESOME project – a lamp makeover that includes a lampshade made out of coffee filters.  Oh yeah.  And then?  A firefighter costume out of Value Village finds…just because 🙂

*How do we choose our crafts?  Sometimes we actually use our imagination and make something up.  But often, we just Google what we’re trying to do, click images, and Griff picks something from the pages and pages of photos.


6 thoughts on “Craft Time! Clothes Pins – 3 Ways

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  2. I like your ‘google’ method… we do something similar. Typically it’s when Natan says something like “I want to make a battle key and I need paper, scissors, pencil crayons and tape… but you need to tell me how to do it!” Google has been our best friend (along with Mr. Maker – LOVE that guy!!). Nathan was so proud of his recent projects to make some battle shields that he actually took one to show & tell (made from pizza box and duct tape 🙂 ) Fun times! This morning we saved a yop container to make a rocket ship later on… I never would have thought of that, but he sure did!

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