Flowers Anyone?

What’s better than receiving a big bouquet of “flowers” from your 4-year old?

Not much 🙂

If he keeps doing this, we won’t need to mow the lawn anymore.

Check out the roots on that thing!

Searching for just the right one….

He sure knows the way to a Mama’s heart 🙂

I also wanted to take the opportunity to welcome a new sponsor to the Testoster-Zone!

See that new button over on the sidebar there?  That belongs to Shannon.  Shannon is a mama too, and she knows all about sleepless nights, bad eating habits and the stresses involved with raising kids.  She works for a great company that offers all-natural products that are guaranteed to give you energy, relieve stress and enhance your mood (couldn’t we all use a bit of that?!)

Shannon can also help you with an easy weight loss program that can help you lose weight fast!  Sounds awesome huh?!  The great part is that her products all come with a 100% money-back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Make sure to go on over and check out Shannon’s website – it might be exactly what you’re looking for!  Don’t forget to check out our other sponsors while you’re over there… these are some awesome businesses that deserve some love!

Have a great weekend, from all of us here in the Testoster-Zone!

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