Love Your Fur Babies

The other night, we were taken off guard by the loss of one of our kitties.  Our first-born fur baby was the unfortunate victim of a coyote attack.  The scary part is not only was he taken from our yard, he was taken directly off our living room window sill while we were in the living room watching TV.

<Sniff, sniff..>

Logan was my cat.  You know how they can drive you crazy sometimes, but then at the end of the day, they walk by everyone else and choose your lap to sit on?  That was Logan and I.  He snuggled under the covers with me whenever I was sick, purring so loud you couldn’t sleep, but you didn’t care because it sounded so cool.

When I was pregnant with Griffin, Logan knew even before I did.  Every time I sat down, he would jump into my lap and rub his nose on my belly.  When I finally did find out I was pregnant, it made sense.  He started sleeping with me more often, curling his warm body around my belly in a protective way and purring me to sleep.  He did this throughout my pregnancy, even when my belly got too big for him to wrap himself around, he stayed by my side – my “protector.”  Three years later, when he started doing the same thing, I took a pregnancy test, and sure enough, Logan was right.

Logan; the cat with the crooked tail.  The cat who adopted us.  The cat who could pull pictures off the walls and turn the volume up on the TV just to get our attention.  The cat with the huge personality who never got upset, who let the kids pull his fur and who would was scared of ants.  My Logan.

Give your fur babies some extra love today, and please don’t leave them outside after dark.  It doesn’t matter where you live, the dark is a scary place for our friends.

Please consider supporting your local animal shelter by making a donation or adopting a pet.  You could be lucky enough to end up with the sweetest guy, just like we did 🙂




2 thoughts on “Love Your Fur Babies

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