Playing Together

They’ve started playing together, and they’ve started fighting at the same time.  Yikes!  The noise level has increased exponentially (as if that were even possible) and there are LOTS of tears 🙂

I’m never sure quite how to handle the drama sometimes, so let’s play a little game called “What Would You Do?”

Don’t let this photo fool you, this is a rare occurance

Scenario 1:  Little brother is playing with baby toys (i.e. Mega Blocks).  Big brother comes along and tries to “help” little brother build something (in a rather grabby way).  Little brother freaks out.  What would you do?

Scenario 2:  Big brother is playing quietly (it happens occasionally) with dinkies or something similar.  Little brother comes along and wants to join in.  Big brother freaks out.  What would you do?

A little extra background info… Big Brother is quite particular about his things being a certain way and Little Brother has a John McEnroe style temper.  Not such a good combo.  Combined with my why-can’t-everyone-just-get-along? attitude…it’s the perfect storm.

Advice?  How do you force your kids to play together and convince them they like it?!



7 thoughts on “Playing Together

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  2. I have a modified scenario. I’ll call it 1B: Little brother is playing with any toy. Big brother notices and automatically wants to play with whatever it is! Little Brother freaks out. SO frustrating. I chalk it up to being 3. And give him some schpeal about sharing, taking turns, blah blah blah. Usually by the time we’re done mitigating the situation little bro has moved on. For scenario 2 I tell big bro not to yell and pretty much give the same sharing speal, little bro doesn’t know, etc.

    It is so cute when they play together though!! They play play-doh really well together. Little bro likes the empty containers best and big bro likes the playdoh “knife”.

  3. Unless they draw blood or break bones ignore squabbling – they’ll work it out eventually! Just make their rooms their “personal” space so they have some refuge from the other ☺ That’s the best I’ve figured out, and it works most of the time!

  4. Ooh, it sounds like you’re channeling my house about 6 years ago and I feel your pain. The older one is a perfectionist and the younger one is a very creative little soul. We kept explaining to our older son that his brother had to figure out how to do things his way, even if it wasn’t a way the older one considered ‘right.’ And for the younger one, once he was better able to understand, we had to make sure that we could draw him away from his brother and let him know why his brother was frustrated and upset. We’re still working on all this and they’re 7 and 10!!

    On the upside, I think that speaking to them about what makes them different (and similar) has really helped each of them understand the other. They can get along really well now and I can see that big brother protective streak really starting to take route, which the younger ones worships the ground big brother walks on.

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