Breaking It In…A Studio Sneak Peek!

The Practice Sessions.

Well, the studio may not be officially open yet, but it is functioning (well, barely!)

I was lucky enough to have some friends over this weekend to practice on.  It was my first official shoot in the studio and it went pretty well.  Miss Lauryn was on her best behaviour and has perfected the patented 6-month old fake laugh and smile quite well!

Blue backgrounds – not just for boys!

What a little beauty!  And her Mama is pretty cute too 🙂

Something I’m REALLY excited about in the studio (which I’ve been trying to keep a secret, but just can’t anymore…) is my chalkboard backdrop:

Cool huh?  The possibilities are endless!  These were my first official family photos in front of the chalkboard wall, and I liked them so much that I’m going to make the wall bigger.  Because in this case, bigger is much better 🙂

And kids LOVE playing with the chalk!  I have tons of ideas for this part of the studio 🙂

As always, there is LOTS of room for improvement as I work through the kinks with lighting and backdrops (fabric or paper?), but I’m so excited for the possibilities that lay ahead.  I still love doing family photos outside (and I’m working on creating an “outdoor studio” in my own backyard, but shhhhh…that’s just between you and me!), but having a studio opens up SO many more opportunities (rainy days, snowy days, and bright sunshine-y days where you just can’t work outside).

And now, I finally have an outlet where I can put some of my crazy ideas in action (cake smashes anyone?!)  A dream come true 🙂

See that octopus in Lauryn’s hand?  That’s a Magpie’s Menagerie creation.  One of the knitted critters I will be selling at the studio.  You will fall in love, trust me!

What else will I be selling at the studio?  I will be carrying products from Jackie Bowman Designs.  Jackie specializes in custom prints and stationery for families and children.  She makes the most amazing birth announcements you have ever seen.  Check out her ‘Naptime Gallery’ here.

This week I received a shipment of canvases and other photo products (ever heard of a metal print?!) that I am excited to be able to show off at my Open House.  They turned out so well that I can’t wait to be able to offer them to my clients!

And speaking of the Open House, here is your official invitation!

Click on the invite to get all the details – less than two weeks away! There will be lots of cool stuff, prizes, snacks and pretty things to look at.  You don’t want to miss it!  If you are a local business owner, make sure to stop by with some of your business cards – we gotta  support each other, right?!

Thanks everyone for your support so far, I’m a happy girl 🙂

PS. Do you LOVE the chalkboard “background” as much as I do?  I can’t stop thinking about it.  If your kid was sitting in front of it, what would you draw or write behind him/her?   Devil horns?  Angel wings?  Hee!


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