This Week I’m Liking…

  • Carrie Underwood for speaking out in support of gay marriage (atta girl!)
  • This speech from a high school teacher at graduation.  News flash kids!  You are NOT special!
  • These Father’s Day crafts (it’s not too late!) from Tip Junkie
  • This photo:
  • Closure!!  The dingo did it.
  • Pallet DIY projects.  Because I need more reasons to dig through other people’s trash.
  • Cool Dog Rescue for saving furry friends

What are you digging this week?

I’m also liking the fact that I’m just over a week away from officially opening my new photo studio.

Are you coming?!  I’d love to see you there!  You can RSVP here.

So, Father’s Day is on Sunday… you remembered, right?  What are you doing this weekend for your father or husband?  For us, Father’s Day usually involves, at minimum, some version of Ken BBQ-ing meat (veggie burger for me please!)  Meat and beer.  And the gifting of some sort of tool.  BUT, this year might be different….just a little bit.

Make sure to check out tomorrow’s post – an ode to my father just in time for Father’s Day.  This should be good 🙂

What are your plans for Father’s Day this weekend?  Do you celebrate with your own father as well as with your husband?





2 thoughts on “This Week I’m Liking…

    • Oh, I love that ceiling SO much…and I must have that mirror – love the whole room actually! I have 3 palettes in my possession right now. I think I’m going to use them as signs for the studio – somehow 🙂 We saw a stack of them on the side of the road the other day too…unfortunately, I couldn’t convince Ken to stop and pick them up. I’m sure we could have fit all 20 of them in the van 😉

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