Look out Beckham…

Because the next big thing in soccer lives in our house…

I should clarify…if there was an olympic sport for soccer socializing, Griff would be Canada’s team captain.

Hmmm… I have NO idea where he gets THAT from 🙂

But he has fun on the field, and that’s what matters.  And he sure looks great in red, doesn’t he?!

We had a busy, busy weekend.  Swimming, gymnastics, soccer, Father’s Day, and late nights working in the studio.  We are so totally tired!  But we’re trying our best to enjoy the nice weather we’ve been having.  Not too hot, not too cold…perfect for wagon rides and popsicles on the deck.  I have a ton of pics to go through from this weekend, including some cute new photos of the kids and a Father’s Day craft.  Here’s a sneak peek of what Griff was up to on Saturday night:

Instead of just signing his cards now, he dictates to me what he wants to say, and I write it (properly earning his nickname “The Dictator”)

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Are you sitting in the office today, or doing something fun?  Tell me you’re doing something awesome so I can live vicariously through you while I stare at these blue fuzzy “walls.”  Oh the office…Oh Mondays….where’s my coffee?


6 thoughts on “Look out Beckham…

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  2. Love the jersey, ours are very boring by comparison, Ian looks like he is directing traffic at soccer.. point out where the ball is to his teammates 🙂

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