Father’s Day and a Graduation – Big Week!

So you’ve already seen the card…but you haven’t seen this:


(If this link doesn’t work for some reason, head on over to my photography Facebook page and you’ll be able to find it there)

This was our Father’s Day gift to Ken this year.  Being a photographer, a lot of gifts (ok, almost ALL of the gifts…) I give are photo-related, because it’s what I know how to do.  So this year, having Silver Frame Productions create a custom slideshow for us was an easy choice.  Silver Frame is a new company that specializes in custom keepsake slideshow videos for all occasions.  See that button over there on the sidebar?  Click it and go over and check them out!

So needless to say, the video went over well!  There may have even been a few tears of happiness!  Oh, and I should mention how much the kids loved it too!  It always amazes me how much kids love looking at photos of themselves.  If only we had the confidence they do 🙂

*Quick tip – Make a photo album for each of your kids.  I did this for Griffin (he’s 4) recently.  I chose a small album with plastic sleeves, and every time we acquire a new photo of him with one of his friends or a family member, we stick it in there.  It’s his own special album and he keeps it beside his bed.  And it gives you a place to put those one-off photos that people always give you.

And then there was graduation night.  I know most of you have already seen some pics from Griff’s graduation the other night, but I just can’t resist posting a few more.  They’re just so sweet!  All the kids did an awesome job, and the parents did pretty well keeping it all together too 🙂  I’ve never seen so many cameras and video cameras in one room in my whole life!

Can I graduate too??

I’m just so excited for him to start big school, and I know he’s excited too.  Let’s see if I still feel the same way in September 🙂


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day and a Graduation – Big Week!

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