So it’s Canada Day…What Crap Are You Going to Buy?

I know it’s only Wednesday, but you know what this weekend is…. Canada Day!

Aside from being a long weekend (extra day off work – woo hoo!) Canada Day also represents, in no particular order: fireworks, parades, going to the cottage, barbeques, camping, drinking and eating.  This weekend, I will be partaking in 5 out of 6 of these activities (does it matter which ones?!)

But I’m not going to ask you “what are YOU doing this weekend?” because I already know (see above list).  What I want to know is, do you buy into the awesome tackiness that goes along with said holiday?  We’re a patriotic bunch here in the north, and a lot of us seem to feel the need to dress up as ridiculously as we possibly can for the occasion.  Why?  I don’t know.  If I could explain why people do the things they do, trust me, I would not be sitting at the office, day after day, punching numbers into a computer.  (Note to self: do more work while at work instead of pondering life’s great mysteries)

I’m getting to my point.

THIS is my point…

This is a shelf in a store near where I work.  Let’s analyse this for a sec, shall we?

Here we have Halifax’s finest selection of Canada Day themed accessories, including (but not limited to)… hockey pucks (in summer?), wallets, eyeglass cases, doggie bandanas, people bandanas, magnets, alarm clocks, dream catchers, faux antler bottle openers (nothing like perpetuating Canadian stereotypes!), teddy bears, baseballs, stickers, luggage tags, nail clippers (seriously?), notepads, pins, pens, playing cards…shall I keep going?  There’s no need, you get the point.

Let’s not forget the entire wall of beautiful, quality-made hats available, or the wall just for key chains:

I actually kind of like the one shaped like a moose that doubles as a bottle opener.  This is something I learned from my Dad, either have an opener on your keychain or learn how to open a bottle with a key – you’ll be the most popular person at the party.

*Note…I couldn’t get a photo of the hat wall because there were too many people hovering around it, checking them out and trying them on.  I am not lying.

If it’s a change purse shaped like a sock you desire, this is available too:

How?  Why??

And last but not least, we have these little gems:

Is it a canoe?  Is it a paperweight?  Who knows??  They’re located right next to the totem pole ring holders if you’re looking for them.  PS. I didn’t realize our grizzly bears had tiger stripes here…scary stuff.

So, what are you going to buy?  I haven’t even told you about the wigs, tattoos, water bottles, beach balls, neck ties, sunglasses and luggage straps yet.  Oh the decisions.

Any suggestions for me?  I think I’ll give myself a $10 budget and go shopping this afternoon.  If you tell me to buy it, I’ll buy it and photograph myself with said item(s) this weekend and post them next week.  Or I’ll just make my kids and husband wear them so I can have a good laugh.  What do you think?  I’m feeling adventurous…. 🙂


3 thoughts on “So it’s Canada Day…What Crap Are You Going to Buy?

  1. Buy the sock purse!!!! Totally multi-purpose… you can fill it with treats to stash in your purse for when the kids are starving and you aren’t near home or a suitable fast-food joint. You can give it to them on long road trips and tell them to let you guess what they are putting inside. You get to feel through it but not peek inside. (please, no pee in it!!!) Definitely works as an extra sock – or is it just me that seems to arrive at a destination only to find that my kid(s) only have one sock on, and I am madly scouring my purse for an extra sock before we go into the store/house/play date? See? You would never have that problem if you had the sock purse with you at all times. The metal, yeah, probably wouldn’t be comfortable around their ankle, but it looks like it would have a bit of give to it and you could bend it in a pinch. I would very definitely spring for the sock purse if it fits the budget.

    So far we have a banner made of plastic Canada flags from walfart… perfect to hang on the outside of the snazzy oTENTik that we’ve booked to camp in this weekend, in our local National Park. Oh, and a cut-out Canada flag that our local MP kindly mailed to us 🙂

    No, I have not yet dipped into the nice bottle of red that I picked up for our Canada Day camping weekend. T minus a couple of days… 🙂

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