Creative Home Storage Options on a Budget (Guest Post)

I’m really happy to have Nisha from joining us today with a guest post.  We thought you guys would really enjoy some tips and tricks on creative home storage options on a budget (a girl after my own heart!)  Enjoy the post and make sure to head on over to Nisha’s site: afterward to check it out!
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Inexpensive Home Storage Options
It is amazing how many items a household can collect over the years. A few purchases here and there can eventually lead to an overwhelming amount of clutter or a mess of items that never get used because they are difficult to get to or stuck in an unappealing and tangled mass of stuff. There are plenty of companies that offer expensive storage solutions or consultations, but many families with budgets stretched thin cannot afford these solutions. Luckily, there are plenty of creative and inexpensive storage solutions that can be employed instead.
All it takes is one late-night toe stub on a toy left in the middle of the room after the kids have gone to bed and parents start looking for ways to get the toys off the floors. When thinking about storage solutions for children’s items, it is important to involve the kids. Toys should be stored in a way so that kids can easily access them and easily maintain the organization. Before purchasing anything, look around your house for storage items you might already have. Mason jars can easily hold little toys, like crayons, marbles, and toy cars, and kids can see what they want to play with and put the toys back when they’re done. A jar full of brightly colored marbles also makes a fun design piece.

Lyndsay says: I keep a Mason Jar in the kitchen which I use to collect odds and ends that could be used for future crafts.

You also might have a large collection of baskets or buckets sitting in storage. These items can hold stuffed toys or dress-up clothes. Have the kids paint the buckets on their favorite colors for a fun family craft project.

Lyndsay says: We keep small toys in inexpensive fabric boxes. The kids can drag them around and they actually don’t look too bad in the living room!

How often have you purchased an item at the grocery store only to come home and discover that the item was already in your pantry, hidden and inaccessible? If so, it is time to organize. Think about storage items you might already have in your home that would work well in the pantry. For example, magazine holders make excellent can storage if the cans are stored on their sides. Decanting food into the same type of jar also helps your pantry look and feel more organized. For example, save all of those baby food jars and use them to store spices. For a fun craft project, purchase some chalkboard paint, which comes in a variety of colors. Swipe a stripe on each jar and write the jar’s contents on the paint with chalk.

Lyndsay says: I’m obsessed with Martha Stewart’s chalkboard labels. You can change them whenever you like

A well-organized closet can make you feel less like you have nothing to wear and more like visiting your closet in the morning is a fun shopping trip. First, declutter your closet by throwing out the things you never wear. Fewer clothes means less to store. It is also a good idea to store off-season items in the basement, attic, or under the bed. Ask local liquor stores or grocery stores for cardboard boxes. Paint them an attractive color or use spray glue to attach some pretty fabric to the surface and you have a beautiful and inexpensive storage solution. If you have an old dresser sitting in your garage, remove the knobs from the drawers and give them an interesting coat of paint. These can be screwed into the wall to hold necklaces or purses. If you have a collection of large buttons, you can do something similar by gluing one to the head of a screw, and then driving the screw partly into the wall.

Lyndsay says: Corks glued inside an old picture frame makes a great display for necklaces

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