We Heart PEI Summers

Part of going to the cottage for me is the feeling that is is acceptable to relinquish some parenting responsibilities.  Through the week, the kids go to bed at the same time every night, they eat mostly healthy food and we try hard to keep clothes on them.  But at the cottage, it all falls apart, and I don’t care.  They stay up later, eat popsicles all day long and if they keep pants on all day, it is a miracle.

This weekend, apart from the regular Canada Day activities like parades and barbeques, we tried our best not to do too much.  And we were quite successful at it 🙂  We never once drove into town, we didn’t go to the beach, we just….hung out.

Kiddie pools are essential when the thermometer reaches the 30 degree mark.  And they perform double duty when you’re thirsty:

Ahhh….refreshing!  And not just for little boys either…

Big brother was pretty proud of himself this weekend for reaching a few new milestones, including: jumping over the sprinkler (not to be confused with running around it), drinking lemonade right out of the can and venturing over to the cottage a day early with Nana and Grampie, sans parents.  He tells me that it must be because he’s almost 5…I have to agree.

Oh, and one more milestone I should mention is the new found obsession with water guns.  I don’t blame him really.  Where else but the cottage is it completely acceptable to soak whoever you like with water whenever you want?  I wish I could do this at the office sometimes 🙂

Look out Daddy!

Jace and I watched from the sidelines:

I’m sure Jace will be participating next year instead of watching.  Clearly, he’s already plotting his attack plan.

The big thing at the cottage this summer is the pirate ship tree house that Grampie has built for the boys.  Griffin started talking about this out of the blue about a year ago and reminded Grampie about how cool it would be every chance he got.  So obviously, Grampie didn’t have a choice and now there exists a pirate ship tree house (look close…)

Cool huh?  There’s a jail underneath and everything.  Jace loved it as much as Griff did, although he needed a bit of Daddy help to scale the ramps…

So what else did we do?  We had our annual low-budget fireworks show (not a total bust, Dad), we hung out with friends, we ate way too much junk food, we visited some new baby goats, went for tractor rides, and we chilled out on the front steps with freezies.

Jace enjoyed the company of his great Nanny Doyle 🙂

What more could you ask for?  Life is good – yay for long weekends!

So what did you do this weekend?  How bad is your sunburn?!


2 thoughts on “We Heart PEI Summers

  1. Looks like a fun family weekend! We were on the island too and did a beachy, co-family vacation, with friends of ours who have a toddler boy too! Great weather and we even had a spectacular evening lightning storm (Nature’s fireworks)!

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