A New Week, a New Sponsor, and a New Life

Hi!  I’m Rex.

I love humans, kitties, toast and snuggles.

Aren’t I handsome?

I walk well on my leash, I love kids and I hardly ever bark.  I don’t jump up on anyone and I try hard to be on my best behaviour.  I really try to be a good boy.

But can you believe somebody didn’t want me?  I don’t know what I did wrong…

Maybe it’s because I’m middle aged.  Maybe it’s because I’m a bit overweight.  Or maybe it’s because my family had to move to a place that didn’t let dogs live there too.  I’m not even sure if Rex is my real name.

I’m so happy that some nice people came by one day to take me out of the shelter I was living.  The nice people took me on a long road trip to a place called Nova Scotia.  They gave me hugs and kisses and lots of scratches behind my ears.  I heard them say that if they hadn’t taken me that day, I may not have made it out of that place alive.

They told me they were going to find me a new family, a family that would love me forever.  They told me I was going to have a good life.  I was so happy to be with the nice people that I rested my heard on their laps for the whole 15 hour drive home.

It was so awesome that 13 of my friends got to come on the road trip with me to Nova Scotia too!  Most of them have homes already and they haven’t even been here for two weeks, isn’t that great?!

I wonder what happened to the friends I had to leave behind?

I guess I’ll never know what happened to them.  I hope they found some nice people to help them out.  I hope they find some special humans who can speak up and say things like “it’s not alright to abandon your dog,” and “it’s not alright to hit your dog;” because it’s not.

Because we can’t talk, you know.

I’m a lucky dog, but I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for some very special people at Cool Dog Rescue.  You should check them out, they’re pretty special.  Because of them, I get to play outside every day.  I don’t have to live in a cage anymore.  And I have a family who is going to love me forever.  That’s all I really wanted.

So that’s Rex.  This beautiful boy has been staying with us since Friday, and we are steps away from signing his adoption papers.  Every time I look at him, I just can’t believe that for whatever reason, somebody didn’t want him.  He’s been such a sweet boy and we are happy he will be joining our family.  The kids love him, we love him, and the cat tolerates him – an almost perfect combination 🙂  A big thanks to Cool Dog Rescue for hooking us up with this awesome dude.  Please check them out on Facebook for full details on what they do.

Clearly, it’s been a busy week around here!  Summer is in full swing, I know this by looking at the calendar.  There is something almost every day.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

The boys are loving it though.  I really just wish we could keep pants on them…

Obviously, that is asking too much, and I’m just going to have to get used to summers full of pants-less, shoe-less boys!  Oh well, at least they’re keeping their underwear/diapers on for now 🙂

I’m also super happy to introduce a new company to the blog this week!  Please welcome Paula George to our list of lovely sponsors.  Paula is a Scentsy rep, and if you haven’t heard of this company yet, get ready to fall in love.

I have three Scentsy warmers in my house right now and I totally want more!

From Paula:

There are some great specials going on for the month of July!  The first one is the Bring Back My Bar which is a selection of 20 of the most popular “retired” scents as voted by Scentsy Customers.  These 20 scents are available for the month of July ONLY.  Some scents to try are Maui Mist, Go-Go-Goji & Cutiepie Cupcake.

July is also “Get The Most When you Host Month”.  When you host a Scentsy Wickless Party in the month of July, not only will you get to share the warmers and scents of the season with your friends and family, you can also earn up to 3 FREE gifts — in addition to the free product and half-price items you’ll earn for Host Rewards.

Awesome huh?  Seriously, you gotta check this product out!  They make great gifts too 🙂  Paula’s button will be over on the sidebar for the next few months, check back every once in a while for updates and the latest deals from Scentsy!  You can reach Paula by email, or check out her website for more info.

See you on Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “A New Week, a New Sponsor, and a New Life

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  2. I had the chance to have Rex overnight before he went to foster home he is a good dog. I have one of his friends who I am fostering and so glad Rex found a good home.

  3. sniff, sniff sniff…..just had a major meltdown missing my Nicky….He did the exact same thing when we picked him up from the SPCA years ago, he laid his head down on Danilelle’s lap…so happy to be out of the cage. As you know….Nick gave me joy everyday of his life and I’m sure Rex will be the same for your family. Thank-you for giving this beautiful boy a loving home. You’ll have to bring him over to meet Emmi….and would be willing to dog sit if you’re ever stuck! I need to stop crying now…..

  4. sniff snifff sniff….poor doggies .I just had a major melt down thinking how our Nicky laid his head down on Danielle’s lap on the way home from the SPCA years ago. They are not meant to be caged. I miss him sooooo much. As you know, Nicky brought me nothing but joy everyday of his life and I’m sure Rex will bring you lots as well! So glad this boy will live out the rest of his life as he was meant to, being your family’s best buddy. All they want is to be loved…..Congrats on rescuing this beautiful boy. Can’t wait to meet him. You’ll have to bring him over to meet Emmi. I have to stop crying now……

  5. I love your family, I love your new dog, and I love Paula George & Scentsy!!! Thanks for everything Lyndsay! Love, love love! Thanks most of all for loving Rex, and giving him a chance!

  6. ohhh so happy everything worked out with Rex!! Awesome for your boys to grow up with a dog, and awesome that Rex has a wonderful home!! Some people think all rescue dogs come with “issues”…. and some do…. but not all and I am soooo happy that you are helping to bring that point forward!!! And a mature dog is the way to go for lots of reasons in my humble opinion!!! Happy summer… happy life guys!!!!

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