What We Say – A Top 10 List

I’ve written about the noise level in our house before, and things haven’t changed since.  If anything, now that Jace is talking more all the time and we’ve added to our family, the noise level is actually increasing.  I started noticing that we seem to say the same things over and over and over….

It really is the kids doing most of the “talking,” but for fun, I started listening to what it was that Ken and I actually say the most at home.

After breaking it down, here’s my top 10 list (in no particular order):

  1. Slow down!
  2. Get down from there!
  3. Don’t eat that!
  4. Put your pants on!
  5. Stop licking your brother!
  6. Leave the cat alone!
  7. Why is there a cheese string in my bed?
  8. Stop saying ‘hot dog!’
  9. Whose socks are these?
  10. Get your hand out of your pants!

Good thing they’re cute 🙂

Completely irrelevant photo of Ken and Griff in the studio. I’m on vacation, give me a break!

Do you feel like a broken record too?  What are some of the things you find yourself saying over and over at home?


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