Vacation Days and Stylin’ Dogs

Thanks for bearing with me during the last two weeks of light posting while I was on vacation/staycation.  You know how crazy things get when your schedule is the opposite of what you’re used to!  I barely know what day it is, and I can’t remember the last time I had a shower (well, actually, I can…but you don’t need to know that).

Being home with the kids for two weeks has been tiring, but we’ve had SO much fun!  We’ve been to the beach, the waterfront, friends’ houses, playgrounds and the wildlife park.  We got to be home with our new fur baby, Rex, when he needed us the most, and we ate waaaaay too much ice cream.  Like, we had ice cream almost every day.  It was awesome and my kids think I’m super cool.

So, after having such a great two weeks, learning that I have to extend my vacation by another week, due to unforseen circumstances isn’t so bad.  What else can I get up to with these three handsome boys?

Any suggestions for us?  We’re messy and loud, and 50% of us may pee on your floor….want to hang out?!

So, check out what we picked up at the mail box a few days ago…

If you don’t know anything about this company yet, and you’re a dog owner, you’re missing out.  Google it….my next post will be all about them.  I’m in love 🙂


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