Oh Canadog…

You get my vote for the best dog products on the market 🙂

Check out our boy all decked out in some awesome Canadog gear (collar not Canadog):

Canadog Supply is a growing Canadian company who is at the forefront of the sleddog supply industry.  They make a variety of harnesses, leads, and accessories for all dogs and ship all over the world.

Our beautiful boy Rex was so happy to receive his Canicross Starter Kit in the mail recently.   What is “Canicross?”  According to Canadog’s website:

Canicross is a Dog Powered Sport with great appeal in most of the UK and parts of Europe and is growing quickly throughout North America.  Canicross sometimes called canix is basically cross country running with your dog.  Canicross can be a competitive sport, but mostly it’s well suited to individuals who prefer walking hands free with their dog, jogging or running hands free with their dog, hiking hands free with their dog and even pushing a stroller hands free with their dog.

The last part of that paragraph is where we fit in.  We are not competitive runners, nor will we ever be.  But did you read the part about being “hands free?”  For me, this is where the real beauty of this product lies.  These products allow us to hold our kids’ hands (or carry them home from our walk!) or run freely while not having to worry about holding a traditional dog leash.

The belt that comes with the kit is an incredibly versatile product that allows you to take your dog for a walk or run, completely hands free – yay!  It comes with a pouch to hold your iPod, cell phone or some baggies, a water bottle holder, and has multiple “D” rings on the hips for walking multiple dogs or simply customizing your walk to your own preferences.  See the full description of the belt here.

Canicross belt. The attachment on the right of the photo is the optional collapsible water dish.

(Lyndsay’s note: they say the 4″ width of the belt is for comfort and support, but I say it is for minimizing your muffin top while running.  This thing makes you look way cool on the road – goodbye love handles!)

Optional water dish beside the Canicross belt

The lead that comes with the starter kit is beautifully made, and is also versatile and customizable.  You can read all the details here.  And the harness that comes with the kit is super comfy for the dogs, easy to put on and adjust, and just looks really awesome!

So if you haven’t already figured it out, Rex and I love these products.  But we also wanted to mention how much we love Canadog’s customer service (top notch) and their instructional videos (to make sure you’re doing it right).

If you’re a dog owner, make sure to check out Canadog.  Their products are awesome for all dog breeds, regardless of size or activity level, and for all people, regardless of size or activity level 😉

Look how happy I am wearing Canadog gear!

Support Canadian businesses and get out there and get active!




3 thoughts on “Oh Canadog…

  1. Can I order a starter kit even though I don’t have a dog anymore? I’d love to get rid of my muffin top while walking around the neighbourhood… 🙂 Just kidding, of course, but I can certainly vouch for the down-to-earthness, reliability and genuine interest in clients’ dogs’ well-being that the Canadog crew has always had.

    Oh, and maybe I’m not kidding about ordering one…

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